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10 reasons I love TOKYO police CLUB

TPC are in the studio working on the follow up to their amazing debut, “A Lesson In Crime.” I’m nervous . . . how can the follow up possibly be better? Here’s hoping they’re less like The Kaiser Chiefs and a lot more like Bloc Party.

1. Citizens of Tomorrow (Space Ballad version)-Tokyo police Club

2. The Daytrotter Sessions. (Follow link.)

3. pals of P (Rentals cover)-Tokyo police Club

4. cut Cut Paste (B-Side)-Tokyo police Club

5. Elephant shell (Live) -Tokyo police Club

6. Citizens of Tomorrow-Tokyo police Club (.mov video)

7. cheer It On-Tokyo police Club (.mov video)

8. Nature of the Experiment-Tokyo police Club (.mov video)

9. Your English is good (new single)-Tokyo police Club

10. Shoulders and Arms (Live version)-Tokyo police Club.

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