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Batman: Hush

(This film came out a year ago, as well as I just realized that although I made notes, I never really published my writeup. The studio offered a evaluation copy.)

Batman: Hush didn’t rate of interest me at first, however it ended up being the very first of the original DCU animated films in a long time that didn’t feel like an responsibility to watch, something to grind through. That was because of two reasons: the popular function for Catwoman (although you couldn’t tell that from the cover) as well as the numerous characters that appear here, including Nightwing, Batgirl, Bane, Poison Ivy, Superman, Lois Lane, as well as Harley Quinn (with hyenas named Larry, Moe, as well as Shemp).

I discovered it simple to lose track of what was going on, however each time I did, a new character or plot twist appeared, to ensure that was fun as well as distracting. things relocation truly quickly, as they have a great deal of material to cover in an hour twenty minutes. Also, I never checked out the comic, so I didn’t understand what was going to happen, which helped. (It turns out that the ending has been considerably changed, so it didn’t matter anyway.) Batman: Hush is based on the graphic book by Jeph Loeb as well as Jim Lee.

Hush is a new super-villain, a badass who’s controlling all the others. He handles to kidnap Joker as well as manage Poison Ivy, which implies he feels like a writer wish-fulfillment. “My poor man will be much more powerful than all the others!” Here’s a short trailer for the comic:

(What I got from that was: there’s a great deal of blue in this book.)

The voice cast utilizes numerous of the DCAU regulars: Jason O’Mara as Batman, Jerry O’Connell as Superman, Rebecca Romijn as Lois Lane, Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor, Sean Maher as Nightwing, Stuart Allan as Damian Wayne, as well as James Garrett as Alfred. We didn’t care much for him — he didn’t noise British or snarky sufficient — however in these type of animated movies, many of the voices are quite flat as well as generic. Jennifer Morrison played Selina Kyle, as well as she did a excellent job. (Trivia: turns out there are two actresses named Peyton listing — one’s a former model, one a singer — as well as one plays Poison Ivy (the exact same one who played her in Gotham), as well as the other Batgirl.)

Key moments that stood out to me:

Bane kidnaps a kid, who then phone calls him an asshole

Poison Ivy kisses Catwoman, who later phone calls her “crazy plant bitch“

Poison Ivy mind-controls Superman as well as states the S-word (as do other characters — the film is PG-13 for violence, action, suggestive material, as well as language)

Damian chews out Bruce for going on a date with Selina, stating “if this trollop offers some carnal release, so be it”

Clark as well as Lois in the newsroom, as she’s preparing to interview Bruce

Nightwing stays a fave, as he commonly lightens things up

But the story I was there for was the advancement as well as ending of the connection between Catwoman as well as Batman. Their pillow talk consists of remembering when she scarred him, which seems oddly best for them, if a bit fetishized. I didn’t expect them to end up together, however the reason they don’t seems overplayed in the superhero genre. Still, it’s much better than the method it occurred in the comics. (Which boiled down to, if Batman’s happy, he can’t do his task effectively, which is a damned depressing thought.) Here’s the trailer:

Batman: Hush is directed by Justin Copeland as well as written by Ernie Altbacker. They offer a commentary together with executive producer James Tucker. The three of them, together with psychologist Andrea Letamendi, then-publisher Dan Didio, as well as Jim Lee take part in the special function “Love in Time of War”, a 17-minute discussion of the Batman/Catwoman connection as well as the Catwoman character. As expected, they didn’t talk about the history of objectification, however you do get to see Didio panting after Julie Newmar.

Also new on this disc is “Sgt. Rock”, the very first of the new DC showcase shorts. It’s written by Louise Simonson & Walter Simonson as well as Tim Sheridan as well as directed by Bruce Timm. The title character (voiced by Karl Urban) ends up working with a version of the creature Commandos.

There’s likewise a ten-minute sneak peek at question Woman: Bloodlines appealing “over-the-top superhero action” in a look at her early career. Her good friend becomes a very villain, Silver Swan, as well as the film wishes to check out the nature of question Woman’s family, both the Amazons as well as Julia as well as Vanessa Kapetelis.

Additional products are a preview of Batman: assault on Arkham as well as the “Catwalk” episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

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