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CENTRO-MATIC-Take pride in Your long odds

Centro-Matic have been around for a long time, and they’ve always occupied a three-fold space between Americana, indie rock, and experimental noise-based weirdness.

Take pride In Your long odds is the band’s first album in four years. Where were they? From the sounds of it, they were working on these songs. Take pride In Your long odds is one of their most straightforward records, but that kind of makes sense. They’ve done the experimental underground thing, and now everyone indie is doing it. As if in response, this tremendously underrated band has gone the other way by producing a collection of well-crafted songs that bounce between quiet and moody and raucous.

This is easily my favorite Centro-Matic album.

The whole thing is streaming on Soundcloud here but I’m offering three tracks that show the stark contrasts and fantastic talent on this album.

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